Fall 2009 Iron Filings Newsletter

Posted October 20th, 2009 by webadmin

The Autumn 2009 newsletter of the Canadian Hemochromatosis Society is now available. For the first time, Iron Filings is published in both English and French. Contents include:

  • How Hemochromatosis Affected William Brinnen’s Life
  • Why French Canadians Are At Risk For Hemochromatosis
  • Are You Iron Avid?
  • What Everyone Should Know About Ferritin
  • Temoignage de Diane Jodouin
  • Haute prevalence de l’hemochromatose parmi les Canadiens francais
  • Avez-vous l’avidite ferrique?
  • Ce que vous devriez savoir sur la ferritine

If you would like to receive a copy, please contact the office at office@toomuchiron.ca and request the Fall 2009 Iron Filings to be emailed to you.