Toronto: Springboard for Future Events

Posted February 2nd, 2012 by webadmin

Congratulations to Patrick Haney and Lynn & Allan Day for doing a superb job at organizing and presenting at the Toronto Network Event!

This was the first time CHS held this type of event, billed as an opportunity to network with others who have hemochromatosis and to learn more about the disorder.  The turnout was good, despite last minute changes to the venue due to a power outage at the original location. Yikes! Fortunately, most attendees got the message about the change in venue and were on hand to listen to Patrick speak about the disorder, mingle with the crowd and enjoy light snacks.

Feedback was positive and even some members of the crowd showed interest in volunteering for the Society. Good work and thank you Patrick, Lynn, Allan, and Frank Erschen for your work and support!

Next stops: Vancouver and Calgary!