Call for Directors

Posted April 13th, 2017 by Administrator

The Canadian Hemochromatosis Society is seeking passionate leaders to join our national board of directors to help us to further our vision to see an end to suffering and premature death related to hemochromatosis in Canada.

Do you have an interest in serving on the board of a not-for-profit? This is a great opportunity for gaining valuable governance experience and working with an excellent organization that helps individuals and families living with Canada’s most common genetic disorder.

All board members have a genuine interest in helping people and saving lives through prevention and information. Ideally, but not necessarily, each board member has some relationship to hemochromatosis either directly or indirectly.

Roles and responsibilities of a Director:

  • Be a member of CHS
  • Participate in regular board meetings
  • Participate in annual strategic planning workshop
  • Participate on operational committees, at the behest of the Board Chair
  • Acquire, maintain and/or update knowledge of hemochromatosis
  • Ensure information about hemochromatosis is delivered to all appropriate sectors of Canadian society
  • Acquire, maintain and/or update knowledge of the role of a Director
  • Commit a minimum of 10 hours each month to CHS
  • Personally contribute to the resource development of CHS
  • Participate in the growth of the resource development of CHS

Qualifications include one or more of the following:

  • Designated accountant with non-profit audit or review experience – in addition to the Treasurer
  • Communications, marketing, public relations and media relations at a national level
  • Internet marketing, advertising and social networking
  • Experience developing and overseeing various fundraising activities
  • Senior management experience in private, public sector
  • Lawyer with experience in human resources, civil responsibility and/or non-profit governance
  • Political experience at the national or provincial level
  • Medical and health care professionals knowledgeable in hemochromatosis

Skills include one or more of the following:

  • Public speaking
  • Networking
  • Team building
  • Negotiation
  • Board governance
  • Society law
  • Enthusiasm and engagement
  • Commitment

To express your interest or for more information, please send an email to Our next AGM is June 22, 2017.


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