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40 Years of Raising Awareness

After her husband and daughter, Tom and Leigh, were diagnosed with hereditary hemochromatosis, Marie Warder was compelled to learn more about the disorder that brought Tom so close to death before being diagnosed. Marie’s research and her family’s story become the book The Bronze Killer. Marie had a vision to increase awareness of hemochromatosis to prevent others from suffering like her husband and family did, and so in 1982, Marie incorporated the Canadian Hemochromatosis Society. Her focused passion inspired many members and volunteers to share their stories, inform health care providers, support people affected by the disorder, and spread awareness.

40 ans de sensibilisation

Après que son mari Tom et sa fille Leigh aient reçu un diagnostic d’hémochromatose héréditaire, Marie Warder était déterminée à en apprendre plus sur ce problème de santé qui avait transformé son mari. Le fruit de ses recherches ainsi que l’histoire de sa famille font l’objet du livre “The Bronze Killer” (en anglais). L’objectif de Marie était de faire connaître l’hémochromatose héréditaire au plus grand nombre possible, afin de prévenir tant de souffrances inutiles. En 1982, elle crée la Société canadienne de l’hémochromatose. Son engagement a inspiré plusieurs membres et bénévoles qui, en partageant leurs histoires, ont contribué à informer les professionnels de la santé et sensibiliser la population.

Photo Gallery / Galerie de photos

1987 Richmond
1987 Swan River
Oct 14 99 Richmond Caring Place Open House
Aoril 11 2001 Marie Warden Shawn Warden Nancy me Roban Hayeton Kay Belauger
Ian Hilley Paul Adams Patient at phlebotomy clinic
Iron Man
Celtic Fest Surrey 2018
Kay Easun shares story with Parliamentarians 2018
Meet ups in person during Covid
Road Trip starts in Victoria
CN Tower in Red
Calgary Tower

Marie and Tom Warder appear on CHEK TV in Victoria in June 1980 with hopes of incorporating the society Marie founded

Thank you to Charmian Moul for her photo contributions to the gallery.

Merci à Charmian Moul pour ses contributions photo à la galerie.


Road Trip Video / Vidéo du road trip