Constitution & Bylaws


The name of the society is Canadian Hemochromatosis Society | Société canadienne de l’hémochromatose.


The purposes of the Society are:

a. To promote the awareness and knowledge of hemochromatosis, particularly on the importance of early diagnosis;

b. To provide support, information, encouragement and resources for individuals, families and organizations afflicted by hemochromatosis;

c. To develop partnerships, relations and affiliations that fit the Society’s purposes

d. To encourage research on treatment advances and insights into the health economic costs and burden of disease caused by hemochromatosis

e. To liaise with relevant professionals

f. To work with  individuals and organizations that complement the Society’s purposes

g. To stimulate and support the formation of volunteers;

h. To generate and distribute money and property in the furtherance of the Society’s purposes; and

i. To perform such acts and things as are incidental to or necessary for the advancement of the purpose of the Society.


Please click here to view the bylaws (PDF).