Constitution & Bylaws


1. The name of the Society is Canadian Hemochromatosis Society.

2. The purposes of the Society are to:

(a) promote the early diagnosis of hemochromatosis through education;

(b) provide support, information and encouragement for individuals and families afflicted by hemochromatosis;

(c) develop partnerships and financial support that will sustain the society’s charitable purposes;

(d) inform members of the society on hemochromatosis research and treatment advances in prevention and treatment;

(e) promote and support new hemochromatosis research in Canada;

(f) liaise with health care professionals to ensure distribution of information about the disorder and its treatment;

(g) partner with complementary health charities for mutually beneficial programs;

(h) stimulate and support formation of local affiliated volunteer groups throughout Canada;

(i) disburse and distribute money and property in the furtherance of the purposes of the Society; and

(j) perform such other acts and things as are incidental to or necessary for the advancement of the purposes of the Society.

3. The activities and purposes of the Society shall be carried out without purpose of gain for its members and any income, profit or other accretions to the Society shall be used for promoting the purposes of the Society.

4. In the event of the winding up or dissolution of the Society, all funds and assets of the Society remaining after the payment or satisfaction of all costs, charges, expenses, debts and liabilities of the Society including the remuneration (if any) of a liquidator, and after payment to employees of the Society of any arrears of salaries or wages, shall be given, transferred and distributed to such organizations with similar interests that are registered charities pursuant to the Income Tax Act (Canada) that shall be designated by the members of the Society.

5. Paragraphs 3, 4 and this paragraph are unalterable in accordance with section 22 of the Society Act.


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