Genetic Testing

1 in 9 Canadians Carries the Gene for Hemochromatosis

Genetic testing for hereditary hemochromatosis examines the gene responsible for mutations that cause the gene to become defective. HFE genetic testing confirms the diagnosis of HFE hemochromatosis in individuals with clinical symptoms consistent with hemochromatosis and/or biochemical evidence of iron overload.

Genetic Inheritance

Graphical representations of possible hemochromatosis inheritance.

Genetic Testing for Hereditary Hemochromatosis

Hereditary hemochromatosis is caused by changes (mutations) to the HFE gene associated with hemochromatosis.

Why Get Genetically Tested?

A genetic test can confirm or deny the presence of gene mutations known to be associated with hemochromatosis.

Where To Go For a Genetic Test

Genetic testing is available through your doctor or via a private testing laboratory.

Insurance Considerations

Prior to undergoing genetic testing for hemochromatosis, you may wish to consider securing insurance for life, disability, critical illness and/or extended health.