The Disorder

Hemochromatosis is Iron Overload

The Canadian Hemochromatosis Society has developed detailed information about several aspects of the disorder, linked below. For a quick overview of hemochromatosis, watch a short video explaining HHC or see the FAQs (frequently asked questions) section of this site.

Wondering if you’re at risk? See the CHS Hemochromatosis Self-Assessment Tool.

Video: What is Iron Overload?

Learn how having iron overload can be fatal by watching our short video.


Frequently asked questions about hemochromatosis and the CHS.

What is It?

A thorough explanation of the disorder and the development of symptoms.

How Common is It?

A review of the hereditary complexity of hemochromatosis.


Symptomology and how to spot common signs of possible affliction.

Diagnosis & Testing

Information on who should be tested, as well as common testing methods.

Understanding Your Results

The Society is here to help you understand your results and provide ongoing support.


Effective management of hemochromatosis and its effects.

Dietary Precautions

In the maintenance phase, restricting iron intake may increase the time between phlebotomies.


A glossary of terms related to hereditary hemochromatosis.