Understanding Your Results

Support for You & Your Family

Receiving your results and understanding what to do next can be a daunting prospect. The Canadian Hemochromatosis Society is here to help you understand your results, access treatment and provide ongoing support for you and your family.

What you can do once you receive your blood and/or genetic test results:

  • Get in touch with the Canadian Hemochromatosis Society by telephone at 1-877-223-4766 or by email at office@toomuchiron.ca to discuss your results and determine your next steps.
  • If HFE mutations have been detected, further genetic testing of family members may save them from the risks associated with hereditary hemochromatosis. Early detection is vital to prevent complications from iron overload.
  • Speak to your doctor. If blood tests indicate hemochromatosis, and HFE mutations have been detected, your doctor will provide information for your treatment and monitoring program. You can ask the Canadian Hemochromatosis Society to send you a physician information package if your doctor is unfamiliar with hereditary hemochromatosis.
  • Contact your local Canadian Hemochromatosis Society volunteer chapter to meet others with hemochromatosis.