Iron Chronicles

Hemochromatosis Stories

CHS brings awareness and support to thousands of Canadians every year through our programs such as Community Outreach and Client Support. The stories below chronicle the ways that CHS helped these individuals as they faced the adversities that hemochromatosis can bring.

Melita Part 1

“For the past few years I had a lot of joint pain and other health problems that I battled to get under control.”


“My experience with hereditary hemochromatosis began the month before my 33rd birthday.”


“I was tired all the time, my joints were stiff, my stomach felt bloated, and my eyes tired easily.”


“As months progressed, symptoms worsened inhibiting my quality of life.”


“My sister and I are the ‘1 in 300 Canadians’ who have this genetic condition.”


“This is not curable but it is treatable, especially if caught early.”


“If your doctor is stumped and they can’t figure out what your health issue is, get a Ferritin test.”


“At the age of 47 I immediately recognized the symptoms in myself.”


“I think there needs to be more awareness for doctors to test for hemochromatosis.”


“I believe you have to be an advocate for yourself.”

Melita Part 2

“Receiving a diagnosis was almost rewarding in a way; it meant that there was really something medically wrong within my body.”


“I’m one of the lucky ones; I now get to spend time with my two beautiful grandchildren and loving family.”


“I’ve got Celtic blood in me – one of the risk factors for hereditary hemochromatosis.”