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The Bronze Killer (New Edition)

$29 CDN + $4 Shipping (Within Canada)
Since this book was first published in 1989, thousands of families around the world have found The Bronze Killer to be a valuable resource. More than just the personal account of a family who have suffered through the ravages of this terrible disease, it has been a source of information, encouragement and enlightenment to many.

Included is “Iron – The Other Side of the Story”, which was the first “layperson’s” reference to the genetic disorder that, if untreated, can lead to a destructive overload of iron in the body, far too often with fatal results. Recommended by physicians and clinics in Canada and further afield, The Bronze Killer earned high praise for the author in her 1991 citation for the Canada Volunteer Medal of Honour and Certificate of Honour.

The author of The Bronze Killer, Marie Warder, is the founder and President Emeritus of both the Canadian Hemochromatosis Society and the Haemochromatosis Society of South Africa. She is also the founder of the International Association of Haemochromatosis Societies, and she served for many years as the President of this organization. As such, she has assisted in the establishment of affiliated societies in several countries.

Note: The Canadian Hemochromatosis Society has a limited number of out-of-print First Edition copies of The Bronze Killer (ISBN 0889258856) for individuals who particularly want the first edition.

Ironic Health

$29 CDN + $4 Shipping (Within Canada)

“An insightful look at how hemochromatosis affects so many different people. Very readable and interesting.”

– Charm Cottingham, President Emeritus, Canadian Hemochromatosis Society

“Chris Whittington’s comprehensive review of hemochromatosis in the real world, Ironic Health is a ‘must read’ for both patients and their doctors. Make it a point to read this one from cover to cover.”

– Sandra Thomas, President / Founder, American Hemochromatosis Society

Hemochromatosis, The Story (CHS Video)

$21 CDN
Learn about the most common genetic disorder in the Caucasian population through the stories of families who have been afflicted and the history of the struggle of the Canadian Hemochromatosis Society to bring awareness to the general public.

This video is a must for anyone lecturing to a group of people about Hemochromatosis or speaking in a teaching capacity. An excellent tool for support groups, libraries, counseling and health services.